My wife is getting really possessive and controlling?

She has started to complain about me going out for a drink at the weekend, I mean Im 26 it's my one night were I see my friends, I have three best friends one of them is a girl and yes when I was younger she was my girlfriend but it's in the past now, but my wife can't let it go, she hates me being with her but she is my friend, she thinks my other two friends are bad influences too because they always chat up women, but it's not like I do it too, but she won't believe me or trust me, I don't know what to do?

I mean I stayed over at my friends house one night and because my friend is a woman my wife flips out.


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Has she been acting like this for a while or recently?

She could be PMSing.

Not gonna lie, I usually get like that when I'm PMSing, but afterward I think it's stupid.


you need to establish dominance in this relationship. just smack her and tell her you'll do what you want.


she needs your extra attention. For whatever reason she is feeling insecure. If you want her to back off you need to smother her with sweetness and quality time being extra assuring to build her confidence back. SOON she will beg you to go out with your friends. =-) probably a week


Adam what is wrong with you? you know better than to stay all night with another girl and she be o k with it you knew exactly what was going on and what it would do and you need to let you girl know that she is the only one for you and you are serious about her and your bf is just a bf nothing more and you should let her go with you some times and let her join in on your fun. my man won't go to any bar with out me and i tell him all the time to get out and relax and have a few beers and talk to some friends that he hasn't seen in so long. i trust my man and he is always honest.


Does she spend evenings out with an ex boyfriend, and then spends the night at his house - and then tells you they are only "friends" now?

Maybe she should!


You are a married man. If you wanted to go out and play with your friends and spend the night with a female friend, why in the world did yiu get married. Your wife made it known how it makes her feel and yet you continue to do this. Let me ask you this, put the shoe on the other foot. Maybe she needs to go out with her girlfriends and exboyfriend and even spend the night. How in the world would that make you feel? Everything might be innicent but see how it makes you feel. Come on grow up. Find other married couples that you both can enjoy a night out with.


Why arent you taking your wife with you when you go out on the weekend ? Time to brush up on marriage skills. She comes first in your life.


Turn the tables. How would you like it if your wife was doing the same things you described here?