My husband wants me to milk his prostate?

But I think it's totally gross! What should I do? Can't he just do it himself?!


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Just thinking outside of the pun intended.

ADD: LMFAO@starfish...that was hilarious.

May 20 at 15:28

To each their own.

Just be careful not to blow out his "O" ring.

Get him his own B.O.B., you have many options

May 20 at 19:14


May 20 at 23:23

Put a condom over your finger.

May 21 at 3:55

Ewww that is too gross. Tell him politely that you can not do him this favour.

May 21 at 8:50

I've done this for several men, especially why going down on them. Besides, it's no more gross than them doing it to you. I swear it makes the penis slightly larger and they will blast off like a rocket! (if ya know what I mean) Also, I've been told that it intensifies their orgasm.

Try it. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised!

May 21 at 14:9

Have you ever seen the movie Road Trip? Yea, he can't do that himself. They say it's the biggest and best you know a man can if he wants it, go for it.

May 21 at 19:50

That's what you get when you marry a bi-curios cow.

May 22 at 1:54