My husband wants me to milk his prostate?

But I think it's totally gross! What should I do? Can't he just do it himself?!


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Just thinking outside of the pun intended.

ADD: LMFAO@starfish...that was hilarious.


To each their own.

Just be careful not to blow out his "O" ring.

Get him his own B.O.B., you have many options




Put a condom over your finger.


Ewww that is too gross. Tell him politely that you can not do him this favour.


I've done this for several men, especially why going down on them. Besides, it's no more gross than them doing it to you. I swear it makes the penis slightly larger and they will blast off like a rocket! (if ya know what I mean) Also, I've been told that it intensifies their orgasm.

Try it. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised!


Have you ever seen the movie Road Trip? Yea, he can't do that himself. They say it's the biggest and best you know a man can if he wants it, go for it.


That's what you get when you marry a bi-curios cow.