Dog will not poop in backyard!?

We have absolutely NO grass in our backyard. (Thanks to the dozens of people that lived here before us and didn't give a damn)

We live in an apartment, but we have a small backyard divided by a sidewalk. My husband and I raked up all the poop and yard waste to get ready to plant grass. On the right side of the yard, we planted seeds and is constantly watered, therefore, the dog cannot do his business over there. (because of the seeds and mud) So I have to take him out there with a leash and keep him on the left side.

He has not pooped in 48 hours since the grass was laid down.

I have a one year old at home and my husband is away until Sunday. I have baby, dog, and grass duty until then. My dog will poop if I walk him, but I have no way of taking the baby with me.

I actually took my dog out into the alley to sniff around a little, and he immediately started to squat. I couldn't let him poop on the sidewalk, so I rushed him back into the yard and he immediately stopped. I could tell he was trying to hold it in SO bad because he was in a "half squat" for a minute or two but nothing came out.

I know he has to "go eventually" but this doesn't sound like a good thing for him to hold it in! He's eaten 3 full meals with no output...


It is perfectly permissible for your dog to poop in the alley, assuming that he is on leash, and that you clean up after him.

Your choices are:

Let dog poop in the alley and just clean it up. (It's no biggie, really. If it's a messy poop, then get some kitty litter, dump it on the poop, and then sweep it up.)

Get someone else to take the dog for a walk. (Call a friend, a relative, a neighbor, anyone. Ask them to walk the dog around the block and make sure you send them with a poop bag.)

Run the risk of him becoming impacted by not pooping. Further, if he becomes really uncomfortable, he might just poop in the house out of desperation.

He will eventually poop on the grass. But right now, it's so new to him that he's not comfortable with it. Your job is to ensure that he has an opportunity to go elsewhere so that his health is not compromised. Eventually, he'll go on the grass.

Number one, get him to poop somewhere.

Then, try just hanging out on the grass with him. Reward him for being on the grass, play with him on the grass, anything to show him that it's a good place to be.

ADD: allowing him to poop in the alley will not make it so he will "only go in the alley".

It's a temporary solution. Once he goes in the alley, pick up his poop, carry it to the grass, and put it there. Let it be there for a day or two and make sure he smells it and knows it is there.

I trained my dog to poop and pee on a little strip of sod that I keep on my balcony. She was holding her pee for too long and I had to cave in and take her down for a walk because of the risk of a bladder infection. You can't compromise health for training. They will figure it out eventually, but you have to be patient.

My dog now uses her sod grass without fail. She gets walks and the dog park every day, but when she has to go when I'm not home, to the sod strip she goes.


Yes dogs do poop they bite as well just get rid of the damn dog and get a damn cat


so you have no grass in your backyard? well, that could be the main problem right there. dogs use the areas of the yard where they can find scent. if its not their scent, they will remark that area to make it their own. if they find their own scent, they attempt making it stronger. if your dog cant find a scent, that may be the problem. if he does go when he is in the alley, as you mentioned, (as gross as it may sound) try using a plastic bag and taking back to your yard for him to use to identify his own scent. my family's puppy wouldn't go in our yard either so we always had to lead him by my other dogs scent before he would go. it may help.


Please let the poor boy poop on the sidewalk/alley. Really, it's not the end of the world, just pick up after him. If he pee's, or the poop is messy, just go back with a bucket of soapy water and splash it on the spot. OR, you could put down paper for him in the alley. Tada, no mess!

He may be a little freaked out about pooping after the whole "no don't poop there" incident.


Have your dog hang outside for a little while so the dog gets used to your backyard. Hopefully, he should poop soon. I always let my dog sniff and hang outside and she poops in a while.

Good Luck!


Why couldn't you let him poop on the sidewalk and clean up after him? You can always carry a big bottle of water to wash the sidewalk down. The poor dog has to go, if you're not going to walk him because you don't have a stroller, then you have to be makeshift.

Can you not borrow a stroller?


lol. call your vet and tell him or her your dog won't go poop and hopefully they'll help you out. i hope this helps!