I need some facts about GSD/Lab mix?

I have almost decided to get a German Shepherd Lab mix. What are some facts about this dog? Are they good with kids? Are they good with strangers?


Appearance: The Labrashepherd may have the face and back of a Lab with a Shepherd looking underneath and legs.

Life Expectancy: The average life expectancy of the Labrashepherd is the same as that of a Labrador or German Shepherd which is approximately 10 to 12 years.

Size: The Labrashepherd has an average weight of 40 to 100 pounds.

Characteristics: The Labrashepherd loves to chew and has very sharp teeth.

Personality: The Labrashepherd has the caution of a German Shepherd Dog but does not bounce off walls like a Lab.

Temperament: The Labrashepherd is a loving, tolerant and even-tempered dog with the German Shepherd caution and shyness expecially when meeting new people and Lab companionship. They are typically very calm and can be skiddish or submissive around other dogs and strangers.

Family Dog (kids): The Labrashepherd makes an excellent family dog. They are typically good with children but can get rambunctious when they get excited. As with any dog they should be supervised around young children.

Companionship: The Labrashepherd is a very loyal and loving dog who makes a great companion.

Head: The head of the Labrashepherd may more closely resemble that of the Labrador Retriever with a longer muzzle and other German Shephe

Hope it helps!


Since it's a mutt, there aren't any guarantees with their personalities. However, my friend has two, one female, one male, and they're litter-mates. This is what I can tell you about them: The female is extraordinarily obedient and smart. She's pretty stand-offish with strangers, but does warm up fairly quickly. She's indifferent about kids. With people she knows, she's very loving. The male loves EVERYONE, he doesn't care who it is. He's smart, but very stubborn, and he does listen well (to people he considers part of his "pack"). He's very loving, but tends to attach himself to one person (who is my husband lol). Because he loves everyone, he loves kids. They're both very good watchdogs, and know not to bark over someone that's supposed to be there (unless they're excited to see you, then, forget it). They're incredibly devoted to my friend, I don't know if I'll ever see dogs more loyal to their owners than these two are. I have no doubt that if she was threatened, they'd rip that particular person to shreds. I have never seen a bit of aggression out of them. They tend to overeat, which leads to them being overweight, but they love walks and we try to keep their weight in check as much as we can (she refuses to stop free-feeding, which makes it all the worse). They've been fairly healthy, the female tends to get at least one UTI a year and is allergic to Frontline. The male has extra rib-bones. They absolutely love other dogs, however, the female is dominant, and if challenged, will remind the dog that SHE is the boss (this has only happened a few times, and with the same dogs - they learned a bit slow on that lol).

Bottom line: They are the way they are (temperament wise) because she worked very hard to train them to be that way. They didn't just decide to be that way. Any dog can be a great dog, if you take the time to train and socialize them the correct way. She got them at a shelter when they were about 10 weeks old - and will never regret it!


All dogs are different, it depends on how you raise them. However, our lab/shepherd mix was the best dog we've ever had, she was sweet and affectionate from the lab, had the smarts of both, and made a very good watchdog. She was also very good with children and cats and loved the water. She used to follow my mom around the house and watch over her; she was very loyal. Also, she knew many, many, tricks and never forgot any of them. She acted as if she knew english, she was so intelligent. However she was a hunter and killed moles and mice. She got jealous when the other animals got attention, so we had to make sure she got attention, too. Very good choice, good luck!


That's a mutt, there is no temperament standard or specific facts. It depends on whether you socialize them right when young if they're good with kids, animals, strangers etc. or not. I seriously hope that you ar getting that dog from a shelter, not from some pet store or BYB selling puppy mill crud. (sorry if i sound a little harsh here, but it's true) You won't know what your dog will be like until you adopt it and get to know it, so have a go at it! Good luck!



I hav a GSD/lab and she is the sweetest thing the baby pulls her ears and tail she dosent do anything. But they can get really excited when u play with them and need alot of exersize. They get pretty big.


no one knows what mutts will do until you raise them. raise them right they should be fine.


its a mutt, mutts are unpredictable

and these questions rely on the dog it self, not the breed


I just adopted one and ask the people saying you can' t product how they will act hasn' t had one because mine is just about 100% the same as the first answer and other sites have said the same thing. Great pup so far, very calm and patient but loves attention and gets a playful excitement when he sees people. So far he seems very protective of strangers coming to the house unannounced. Sleeps great ( stays with me in my bed) . He' s only 9 weeks and has yet to pee or poop in the bed and is good at letting me know its time to go. Hope this helps!