Why do cats like rubbing their faces on sharp pointy things?

My cat is always rubbing her face on awkward pointy things like pens, scissors, corners of tables, etc. Does this comfort cats?


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it probably likes its face scratched. If so it does comfort the long as it doesnt poke an eye out :o


If you're thinking of what I'm thinking of, it's just your cat scratching her face. Cat's usually scratch themselves with the claws on their back feet, but they can't do that with their face because they can't reach properly, and it would hurt- they would hit their nose or eyes with their claws. So they rub up against pointy things to scratch the itch. My cat does this with anything remotely pointy she can get her face on.


Don't let your cat rub its face on scissors, it could harm itself . .

Cats do this to mark their territory. They are leaving their scent.


Your cat is saying that whatever he/she is rubbing agains is theirs. Up to and including you.


they rub faces to scent mark, humans cant smell it.

rubbing on pointy things i would guess feels good, she must have an itch.


Your cat is scent marking.

Cats normally greet each other by rubbing faces. When a cat greets you by standing on its hind legs, it is simply trying to reach your face. If you were to lower yourself so your face is within reach, your cat will rub their face with yours. This is only done to humans that the cat trusts.

Another friendly way for a cat to greet its owner is to roll on its back, stretching its legs as far as possible, yawning and excersing its claws. The "belly-up" position is a very vulnerable position, it indicates total trust of the person involved. It is a lazy way for the cat to greet its owner, a more active cat would probably rub itself against your legs. Cats have scent glands on the temples, around the mouth and at the base of the tail. When a cat rubs itself against you, it is rubbing off some of its scent to say "this is mine". Only other cats can smell this scent.

Smell is an extremely important sense in cats, in some cases more than sight. Cats

have scent glands on multiple places on their body including their faces and feet. On

their face, the glands are located around the eyes, below the ears and on the chin. By

rubbing their face on various objects, they are leaving their scent. Other cats passing

the object will often stop and sniff, maybe even rubbing their faces on the object to

leave their scent as well.


It's not really the sharp things their rubbing on. Cats have scent glands on there cheek and they're marking their territory. If you watch your kitty he'll mark all around your house. It's known as the "Chin Rub" its a calming scent for them. Anyhow yes it does comfort them. and it's alot better then when they spray to mark...


In a way, yes. When a cat rubs it's face on something, it's actually scent-marking - kind of like saying, this is safe, this is mine. My cat tends to do it on the corners of tables, the corner of the wall, the sides of doors, so it makes sense that every cat has something that they like marking more then other stuff. When your cat rubs its face on you, you should feel flattered - he/she is marking you as a belonging :)