Dogs Butt Is Leaking Brown Smelly Fluid?

My 2 year old female chihuahuas anus is leaking a light brown reeking fluid. Shes also spayed


anal glands are expressing themselves. normally they do this (and empty themselves) during bowel movements.

a higher fiber diet can make for bulkier stools, which can help the glands express better when they're supposed to.

I dunno if the glands are impacted - typically the telltale sign for that is your dog scootches his butt on the ground - trying to get them to express.

I've got two chi-mix pups. One of them has had impacted glands in the past, and we got them expressed.

He doesn't scootch any more, but every once in a long while he will make a very small spot. His smells more like copper, which I thought would be blood, but knowledgable people here told me it was still anal gland fluid.

His rare, tiny, spotting hasn't become enough of an issue for us to go vet for it. I dunno if there's anything she could do anyway.


Your dog needs to see her vet to have her anal glands expressed unless you know how to do it.


she has diarrhea .. give her solid foods and make sure she drinks plenty of water .. nothing to worry about


Anal glands are over full. Needs to have them expressed and make sure there is no infection. Get her to your vet.


She has an anal gland infection. Take her to the vet before it explodes. It is curable with antibiotics and having them expressed.