Correct me if I'm wrong DS regs.. Shar-pei vs Chow?

So my bfs best friend got what he said is a Shar-pei and I went over there and saw the pup. Then he tried to tell me that Chows and Shar-peis are the same breed, just some are born Shar-pei or Chow in a litter. Then he showed me a picture of his pups sibling, which was indeed a long haired Chow. So I didn't say anything because ya know I didn't want to argue, but I'm pretty sure the Shar-pei and the Chow are two different breeds, and that what he has must be a Smooth coated Chow... because not only did it have very few wrinkles, if others in the litter had long fur and looked like Chow doesn't that mean his can't be an actual Shar-pei? I know that Chows and Shar-peis are closely related breeds, but Shar-peis don't give birth to Chows and Chows don't give birth to Shar-peis correct?


Chow Chows and Sharpeis are totally different breeds, And to be honest a smooth coated Chow wouldn't look anything like a Sharpei.

Is there any way you could get a pic of the puppy?

I could look at a pic and tell you without a doubt what it is.

I'm going to say that the dog is either 100% Chow chow or that the puppy is actually a mutt and has both chow and sharpei in it.


The Shar-Pei is believed to have shared a common origin with the smooth-coated Chow-Chow. Chow Chows were bred as general-purpose working dogs for hunting, herding, pulling and protection of the home while Shar-peis were bred for fighting. They are two COMPLETELY different breeds, so you are correct.

Looks to me like your friend has bought a mutt, Shar pei cross with a chow, that's why the siblings were different.


You are correct in the fact that they are two different breeds. But there is a possibility that the mother mated with 2 different breeds. Dogs can mate with two different fathers and some puppies can look like each.