What a Australian Shepherd, husky mix called?

like a lab and a poodle mix is called a labor-doodle. what is this one called?


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Technically a breed is recognized by a national kennel club and has breed standards. Then there are "designer breeds" mixed breed dogs who are given cute or catchy names to better sell them. (These may actually turn out to be future breeds some day, if they become popular enough, and are bred and regulated to a standard over time, and a kennel club chooses to accept them)

Both your dogs are mixed breeds, one has a cute name the other does not.

"The Labradoodle is not a recognized dog breed. As with any other random cross-breeding, puppies do not "breed true": that is puppies do not have consistently predictable characteristics. "

The word mutt has some negative connotations, and some people are breed snobs and look down on mutts. In reality mixed breed dogs, mutts, can be excellent, good to train, beautiful dogs. And I am sorry it upsets you when people call your dogs mutts, but the truth is you do not have dogs that are recognized breeds. Hence the term "designer breeds" a nice way to say really cool mutts. You can learn more about designer breeds here:…

Now add to your question, what kind of Husky? Siberian? Seppela? Alaskan; also not a breed, but a well defined working type? That would not technically change the fact that your dog is a mixed breed, but it would change what funny little name someone might think up.

Also I hope you have done the responsible thing and had them both spayed / neutered. There are plenty of unwanted dogs of all types and I am sure you would not want to add to that sad problem.


I would call it an Aussie-husky mix, but if you want to create a cutesy little name for the mongrel then - aussky, huskalian, or austrahusk. Go crazy.


Good golly.

MUTTS are MUTTS. They are also referred to as MONGREL, MIXED BREED, CUR, HEINZ 57.

They are not a BREED because their sire and dam are NOT the SAME BREED. Therefore, they are a MUTT.

Having 2 purebred parents does NOT make them somehow magically superior or better or non-mongrel-y than every other poor ball of fur awaiting the sodium pentobarbital at your local pound.

You currently have a MUTT. It's not a "pikapoo" - for gosh sakes, can't you use google to see how all of the other puppy millers spell the made-up name? It's PEEK-A-POO, sounds like a glimpse of a bowel movement.

An Australian shepherd x husky mix is called a MIXED BREED - MUTT.


labradoodles are not a breed of dog! do not make of weird ******* names for mix-breeds, you call it a aussie/husky mix


an australian shepherd/husky mix

ADD: oh, you have a pikapoo that isn't a mutt do you? And here I was for a second thinking that you just wanted to come up with one because it would be cute. Now I know your just another ignorant fool.


Lab/poodle mix-MUTT

Aussie/husky mix-MUTT

Anything that's not a recognized purebred is a mutt. Calling it anything else is just stupid.


-Australian Shepherd/Siberian Husky mix



-Mixed Breed


There is no "name" for the dog, just like there's no name for the Labrador Retriever/Standard Poodle mix. Some idiot just made it up so they could get more money when they sold the dog.


There are several terms for mixed breed dogs but the one used most is mutt. Mongrel,

Mutt says it all for me.