My dog ate mushrooms; now he's sick... Help?

The vet's office is always CLOSED when we need them the most.

My dog discovered a bunch of white mushrooms behind my neighbor's bush few days ago. I couldn't see what he was doing, and I didn't know they were there at first.

Yesterday when I got locked out of the house, I decided to walk to the back (that's where I discovered the mushrooms)...

Now my dog is terribly sick. He's having those "dry hieves" where nothing comes out but bile. He won't eat and the vet is closed today OF ALL DAYS WHEN I NEED THEM. Man I hate that. Sunday the "day of rest" well all Sunday is to me is just another day like any other day. GRR (Sorry I'm angry how the vet is closed due to religious tradition)

Is there anything I can do here at home to get the poison to pass his system 'till I can call the vet?


Try giving him Ipecac syrup, you can get it from any pharmacy. It induces vomitting- it's what you have to give kids when they eat/drink poisons...Do it outside though!


There are ALWAYS 24hr vets in your area. Look in yellowpages and find one closest to you! Mushrooms are REALLY bad for your dog, like dark chocolate.


call poison control?


This is very serious - my friend had a couple of Min.Schnauzers who got into mushrooms at the end of their yard and they ended up on IV drips in Emergency for days. It cost her four figures before they recovered.

This could be fatal - I know it's Sunday but FIND A VET. All vets, in most civilized parts of the world, have to provide 24/7 back up even if they are not open themselves. Phone and get your dog in as soon as you can.

Obviously I hope he survives.


well without a vet telling you to its not suggested but owners are told to use peroxide to make the dog throw up sometimes... i suggest to you to watch the dogs stool and eating habits today, if anything worsens, find an emergency vet hospital because alot of mushrooms are poisonous


Call another vet. Most vets who take their own emergencies, have a way to get a hold of someone. Did you listen to the answering machine for a contact number? If you're in a one vet town, you may need to call a et in a different town.


I am sorry that I don't have an answer of what you could do, but if I were you I would look online for the closest animal ER. They are usually open 24/7.

Hope he is ok!


Find an emergency vet hospital. They are open 24/7.