Ducks < Welsh Harlequin> at what age do they lay eggs?

I have a Welsh harlequin female she is 6 months old, and i was wondering when she will begin laying? yesterday all three of my other welsh harlequins were killed and i am nursing her back to health, and i was hoping to maybe order more welsh harlequins and let her brood them, or even breed her with my blue swedish, just so she has some family,


OH! Those poor things :-(

I am very sorry your ducks died.

Breeding your Welsh Harlequin with the Blue Swedish sounds like a good idea

ducks are very sociable and she could get sick from being too lonely.

as for when they stat to lay,

I just did a little research and the most common answer to this is about 6-8 months,

though a few people said there duck didn't start to lay until about 9-11 months.

I would suggest you wait until she has been laying for a least a month before you breed her,

just so you get good strong eggs.