My dog won't sleep with me anymore! Is he over me?

When he was younger my dog used to sleep in my bed every night. Now he won't stay in my bed for even five minutes! I don't like sleeping alone. What do you think my dog's problem is? Why the sudden change?


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My dog does the same thing now...sometimes he'll jump up to say hi then immediately jump off and get into his own bed. Sometimes they get hot and other times they just want to do their own thing-it's not personal by any means-it's a dog. Dogs don't think like people do! :)


He could have issues with his joints, especially if he's older and/or is a big dog. My lab used to sleep with me every night until her joints starting acting up with age. She doesn't like it when I lift her onto the bed because then she can't get down on her own.


Stop thinking about it so much. He's a dog. He's going to sleep where he's comfortable... with you or somewhere else. Learn to sleep by yourself.


Honestly, asking "is he over me" is kind of OUT THERE. He's not a boyfriend or anything to you. He's a dog. He can't do as he pleases. He probably found some place better to sleep or changed his mind. Reguardless, there's no problem here, so the question shouldn't be asked as if he's your boyfriend and he's done something wrong. I'm assuming you're older should be able to sleep by yourself...if you can't, I suggest sleeping with your father or mother.


He's probably getting too hot and prefers to sleep on the floor/his bed now.

Perhaps you unintentionally kicked him during the night, and that's put him off!


maybe he is watching the door to be protective.... ?


You ask if he's "over" you? Do you think he considers you to be his "girlfriend" ?

Be realistic...

He's a dog.

Your dog doesn't have a problem.

He's just changed what he wants to do right now.

He may return to wanting to stay on your bed later on, if you let him do what he wants to do and leave him alone.

There's no point to trying to change what your dog does.

Dogs do things like this. They love doing something for a while, then they change and do something else... and later change back or go on to another new action... that's just normal for dogs. -!-


his girlfriend got suspicious