Why is my old male dog trying to build a nest?

my dog is 14 years old and i think he is losing his way a bit, he tends to walk up and down a lot. we play with him and comfort him, but he's started to lose control of his bladder and he drinks a lot of water.

about half an hour ago he has started scratching at his bedding, displaying the same behaviour as a female dog does when making a nest. he gets very agitated when we try to rearrange his bedding for him, and tries to push in and scratch at it again.

is there any reason for why he's doing this?


It's possible he's in pain and he's found that making a bed helps ease it. Bring him in for a vet visit. He'll need meds for his incontinence and could possibly need arthritis treatment.


I thought dogs did that because it's a throwback to when their ancestors had to make sure there were no snakes or scorpions lurking in the grass when they wanted to lie down and sleep. My dogs over the years have done that at times, male or female, young or old. If your dog never did, maybe he's getting a bit senile and his habits are changing. Drinking a lot of water and urinating frequently can be a sign of diabetes.

read this-

My dog drinks an excessive amount of water and urinates a lot. What's going on?

It is important that you take your dog to the veterinarian for a complete physical examination as soon as possible. The symptoms you describe could indicate one of a number of problems, from something very treatable, such as a bacterial infection of the urinary tract, to something more serious like diabetes or kidney failure. Some of these conditions can be life-threatening if not treated in a timely fashion. Your veterinarian can run routine laboratory tests to determine your dog's condition and the best way to treat him.


your dog is old, and is trying to tell you its is his time to go he is making his nest to suit his needs, but he could be in pain and does not know what going on with his body yet, you didn't say what kind of breed he is but most small dogs live to 14 to 17 years and most big gods live less than 14 years but its all depend on his overall health too, you may want to call on your vet and see if they can give you some ansers over the phone....good luck for the poor doggie


My dog does this all the time, but I don't think she's trying to make a nest. She just likes to dig in her blanket and arrange it a certain way. If he doesn't stop after a couple minutes try to pet him and calm him down a bit. Lot's of love from you is the best medicine for an aging dog.


A...nest? Hey, don't fret, my dog does it too, he digs for a whle before he lays down...he's just trying to cozy it up (apparently my whole silky pillow with layers of blankets and stuffed animals wasn't good enough for him).


Don't stress unduly - my boy will do this with his bedding - and he's 9 months! And entire.

However, any new behaviour, especially in an older adult, might suggest a trip to the vet could be a good idea, if only to get his urine tested - he could have a kidney problem starting - and the sad thing about kidney deterioration is it's usually only at the very last stages of failure, that symptoms are noticed. If nothing else, he deserves to spend his twilight years in comfort.


My male dog does this too! It's perfectly normal!

He's trying to make his nest comfortable for him.

Don't mess it up. If he's old, then he must like it a certain way.


he is getting senile. Poor guy, he thinks he is a squirrel now