Can a dog have milk and not be pregnant?

I got a three year old great dane about a month ago and the people who had her didn't spay her and had her with another un neutered dane,

They told me she wouldn't e pregnant because she didn't get along with the male

so I brought her home and about a week ago I notcied she had milk

but shes not getting any bigger and I never feel any puppies moving

so what could it be?

Thanks for your help.


Yes; but I'd take her to the vet just to be sure.

Many females go through false pregnancies after being in season, which means that they can be filled with milk, and even blow out their coats.

My female dalmatian goes through rough false pregnancies, she completely fills with milk and loses a lot of fur. It isn't easy to get the milk to go away either. However I know other people who's dogs are completely unaffected.

But just to be sure, I'd take her to the vet to make sure that she is not pregnant.


I would take her in to the vet to check & have her spayed ASAP! She could be going through a false pregnancy. I know several bitches that went through false pregnancies. Some developed Pyometra after going through a false and had to be rushed to the vets for expensive treatment to save their lives. It's better to spay your girl than then to lose her pyo.

A neutered male can't get her preggers.


I can't tell you how many pregnant dog-aggressive dogs I've met.

Hormones are nature's miracle. Get her spayed!


take her to the vet please :)

and join this site ;)



My dog experienced this herself as a puppy . It was extremely painful poor thing . We didn't know what it was until we took her to the vet 1st thing in the morning. As soon as we found out it was milk we asked Is she pregnant?!?!? and the vet said no and yea.

Ever since we got her spayed she has had her period or had milk


She may be pregnant. The vet can do an ultrasound so you will know one way or the other.

Dogs don't need to 'get along' to mate.