Can dogs have whipped cream?

My dog got a bit of Wegmans brand light whipped cream. Is it safe?


if this is a dairy-product, it is much better for the dog than the fake stuff -

altho it IS high-fat and should be given very very sparingly.

high-fat treats like suet, chicken-skin, turkey-skin, etc, can make dogs

quite ill by inflaming the gall-bladder, bowel + pancreas; pancreatitis is

nasty and debilitating, and can be dangerous.

dogs LOVE fat and will eat a pound of butter gladly - it is up to us to

keep such hazardous temptations out of reach, locked away safely.

WATCH OUT for artificial sweeteners! dogs cannot have Xylitol,

check the label to be sure it is not sweetened with Xylitol - it can

cause kidney failure even in small amounts.

how big is the dog? Yorkie-size, Cocker-size, Lab-size?

toxicity is a function of dosage -- the smaller the dog, the BIGGER

the danger.

hope it was just a minor indiscretion and no harm done,

--- terry


well yea its safe it wont hurt your dog, dont worry, but as long as your dog dosnt normally get it then thats fine, because obviously cream has a lot of fat in it but dont worry your dog will be fine :)


Its not dangerous as such, and a small amount want hurt your dog, but its not something I would give to my dog deliberately. its got a lot of fat in it and it may give your dog diarrhea


I don't think it will hurt your dog. I think whipped cream is safe. Don't worry.


As safe as it is for you to eat.