My puppy's face is swollen, what do I do?

I just gave her a bath with her normal shampoo & a little bit colder than room temperature water. Her face is swollen and her eyes are a little puffy. She still playing with toys and jumping around like a normal puppy. I'm just nervous as to what is happening to her. Please answer.


This has happened to by dog a couple of times, its caused by an alergic reaction......first time it happened I rushed him to the vet.....they said he had an alergic reaction to something, a bug or a spider bite...they gave him normal alergy medicine and sent us on our way........the 2nd time the same thing, he was playing and running........but had his face swollen, I gave him two alergy pills and it went down in about an hour or so


It seems like its allergies. My dog had the exact same symptoms and look as you describe. He experienced this as a puppy and fortuneatly grew out of it. He got it around his eyes, they were swollen and he scratched all the hair off around his eyes. Definitly take him to the vet.

A quick visit to the vet helped us, they give you the right medicine to treat her.

Also while you puppy is healing try to not bathe her often becuase that can dry out her skin and make it worse. But when you do use a dog shampoo with oatmeal they sell it at most pet stores.

*** the one i find works the best is Sergeants Fur so fresh dog shampoo; Oatmeal for dry skinned dogs with milk and honey.*** Its a great product and all natural


my friends dog had simular symptoms of this last summer, it was so random, she took her dog to the vet and turned out it was ant bites, and she just had a allergic reaction, you can try some baby benedryll .


Pop it.


Well, she's having a reaction to .... something!

Could be ... anything. But what you cannot do is NOTHING. Call the vet and describe what's going on. You cannot take chances with a puppy.


Facial swelling is often an allergic reaction to something. Could be the shampoo. Or maybe she got bit by a bug. You didn't mention how recently she got her last shots, but it can be a vaccine reaction too. Call your vet and ask if you can give her an antihistamine to bring down the swelling. They'll tell you what to get and the correct dosage.


Take her to the vet.