What breeds of dogs look kind of like a fox?

I saw this dog at the dog park that looked kind of like a fox, in the face at least. He was kind of small. I thought it was a neat looking dog even though I don't like how he behaved at the park. It was more on the owners' fault on his behavior. But just wondering what breeds of dogs look fox like so I can look it up to see if that's what he was. This is just out of curiosity.


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I'm always getting that my older Red Shiba Inu looks like a fox, especially when his tail is down. It was probably a poorly bred Shiba from a puppy mill. How wonderful that they want to breed him, as if our breed rescue along with every other one isn't already full because of byb. By the way he was acting I would also say a Shiba as they can be dominate and not always get along with other dogs and it doesn't sound like this one was very well behaved.


shiba inu


I think the tan pomeranians kind of look so. Because my puppy is one and he looks like a fox. But i think basenji and the alaskan kee kai look like foxes. (:

and definitely the shiba inu haha


Three breeds come to mind.

Shiba Inu




Alaskan Klee Kai


Medium sizd Finnish Spitz…

However, some people think that Pomeranians look like foxes... i do not know how they get that idea.. -.-'


If it was tiny, then a Pomeranian, you can see pics on my website below.

If larger, then it could be a chow chow, german spitz, japanese spitz, or any mix of dogs.


I have a Blue Heeler and a lot of people tell me he looks like a fox ^_^


I think the shiba inu looks like a fox, especially if they are wet. there's one who comes to our park and swims in the creek and looks like a small fox.