Can my Whippet be an outside dog? PLease Help!?

I live in Texas, so its always hot in the summer and cool in spring and autumn. But it is very cold in the winter months... I and all my family are gone from around 9 in the morning till about 4 in the afternoon.... What can I do with her during this time, especially in the winter? (And I cant leave her inside)


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Is there a garage that she could stay in? Whippets are not that good at regulating their body heat, especially in cold weather since they have so little body mass and fat and fur to keep them warm. If she could be in a garage and out of the wind, that would be a huge plus. Add a nice warm bed to keep her off a potentially cold cement floor, and she would probably do just fine.

Another option would be to get one of those mini-sheds and make sure it is insulated to keep it warm and provide a nice warm doghouse within it, so it would be like a kennel with real walls. You could even put some type of heater in there to keep it warm, but you would have to be careful that she could not mess with the heater and that no toxic gases are given off by the heater. Also, you'd have to be careful, then, that it would not get too warm.

If you can't do that, then I would advise trying to make a room in your home dog-friendly so that you could keep her in that room (like an entry room or bathroom) but away from the main house.

And if that is not an option, you could try finding someone who could watch her while you are gone, but she would still need protection inside during the night while you are home. If that's not possible, then you may have to seriously think about either rethinking your no-inside rule or rehome her.


Why don't you just housetrain her?


If your worried about her staying in the house by herself try finding somebody that will petsit her


Whippets are extremely sensitive to the weather they ARE NOT outside dogs. Get her a crate, put food and water, a blanket and some toys in there, she will be fine.


You can't crate her inside, or keep her in one room with a baby gate across the door?

Whippets have a very short coat and are very affected by cold weather- she can't be left outside in the winter.


yes, the dog should be inside. crate her in a crate large enough to turn around and lay down comfortably, and provide a kong with PB and kibble or some raw knuckle bones to chew.


Whippets have no fur so in the winter time your whippet could get sick. You could make a dog house so if it gets hot outside the whippet could have some where to be in the shade. For the winter idk about leaving her outside


If you have to leave the dog outside, then you should not have this dog. There are dogs that would be better suited to being an outdoor dog, but not a whippet. Maybe you should not own a dog, until you can properly care for it.