Dog will not lay down after being spayed.?

My 6 month old puppy was spayed two days ago. Her first night home she slept the entire day. Now she won't sit or lay down. She stood up the entire night and never laid down to sleep. Several times today she's placed her nose on the ground and tried to sleep, but she's having difficulty because she isn't comfortable. I've tried to lay her on her back and hold her so no contact is made with the wound and she quickly falls asleep, but seconds later she wakes up, panics, and jumps from my lap. Is this due to pain from the surgical wound? And is there anything I can do that would make sleeping easier for her?


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It sounds like she's in a bit more pain than she should be. Most dogs are in some discomfort after their spay, and will lay down carefully, or lay in a way to prevent putting pressure on the surgery area, but one that won't lay down or sit at all? There's something quite wrong there. I strongly suggest bringing her back to the vet (or at least call them and talk to them about it - phone calls are free) - they should NOT charge you for the visit, as it's a complication from what they did - it may or may not be their fault.

Also, if you don't like the vet's answers, bring her to a different, highly recommended vet. Also, I recommend taking a couple photos of the incision Now, so that if need be you can show them to a different vet, or just as a precaution.


Spray him in the eyes with mace...that will put him on the ground.


u need to take her back to the vet and let him know whats going on i think its just pain and she needs meds..


shes probley in alot of pain i would hold her for nspd in the day and mabeye she will get some sleep


She is still a bit sore. She should be fine soon, but don't engage her in too much rigorous activity.


Call the vet and ask for some pain medication for a few days.


she's sore. bring her in and have the vet look at the stitches to make sure they're ok, and they'll give her some pain meds.


She bay be in pain from where she had surgery, if this continues you should contact your vet about pain medication, or to see if something is wrong.