My dog just had puppies! What do i do? I didn't even know she was pregnant!?

Ok, I have no idea what to do. My dog just gave birth in her kennel. She's a year and 6 months, terrier mix. I saw she was licking something and went over to see, come to find out there's a little rat looking thing in her cage. Its a puppy! I don't hear them making any noise. There's blood in her cage. She growled at me when I got near. HELP! I didnt even know she was pregnant. What do i do?


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lol yea just leave her be shell know what to do, but keep an eye on her if shes having troubles you need to get her to a vet right away. if shes been pushing on 1 puppy for more than 45 mins she needs to be takin to a emergency vet ASAP. but otherwise just get her a birthing box fill it with some light blankets and just be careful usually a mother wont let you touch them so just be careful shes under alot of stress right now. but other than that you should be good! and ignore the ignorant ppl on here they dont know you and dont know youre situation so concentrate on the the GOOD advise on here GOOD LUCK!


Ok here is the thing a stable mother will not growl or snap at you, as the owner you should be able to pick those pups up with ease. Since you have an unstable mother I would take those puppies away and raise them yourself after they get the days worth of colostrum. An unstable mother like yours can do some serious harm to those puppies, so unless you want to be cleaning up dead puppies I would take my advice.

For what you should do now, put a blanket over the crate, pick the crate up and put it in your car. Drive to your vet and get them checked out. They mother should get a shot to flush out any retained placentas (retained placentas rot and can kill the mother). The puppies should be checked for any ailments (and no you can not do this yourself as you stated you don't know what you are doing).

If the mother should calm down and allow you to handle those puppies, I would continue to let her feed them. Set up an area in your home that will be her area it has to be quiet and the area should be a warm place. Puppies CAN NOT regulate their body temperature. Allowing a puppy to get cold is a death sentence.

When the puppies are at least 8 weeks old, I would sell them for a $50 rehoming fee, nothing more. Have a lawyer draft up an ironclad spay and neuter contract for ALL puppies. The pups should be spay/neuter no less than 14 months old. (I don't believe in juvenile spay/neuter so that is why I said 14). Use the money you get for the pups, to spay your girl.

You did allow this girl to get pregnant to early, she is too young, which could cause some problems. If problems arise, get those pups away from her immediately and raise them yourself. Meaning puppy replacement milk every 3 hours. Good luck you won't be getting much sleep these next few weeks. You should be sleeping in the same room the mother will be in so choose wisely.

I would weight these puppies every week. So you know how they are progressing.

See I don't see any point in yelling at you for being irresponsible when the pups are already here. That is just wasting time. I could say give the mom and puppies up to a local non-kill rescue, but you probably won't do that so again wasting time.


Great! Just what the world needs, more unwanted pups. Congrats on being an unreputable backyard breeder.


Go to the vet and let her/him take care of it and she/he will tell you what to do


Myabe it IS a rat.

Go ahead and pick it up for a closer look.


Call your vet and ask the vet what to do right now, give her water and food. Be very careful the mother dog may growl so take caution!


Vet right away.

Should have spayed your dog, it would have prevented unwanted puppies.


Call the vet.

If you are able to carry the kennel, just pick it up, put it in your car, and take her and the puppies to the vet.