How long can a dog hold their pee?

I have a 10 month old shih tzu. I was just wondering how long is it safe for them to hold their pee and poop? Especially while I am away for like 8 hours or more. I leave him in his little area where he sleeps but has enough room for walks and stuff. He never does his thing in there, but is it healthy for them to hold their pee and poop for that long?


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at 10 months old and especially a shihtzu should be taken out about ever 2-4 hours or else get an infection in either or both ends which later on will be costly. Best bet is to get a scented potty pad {it attracts a dog to go there and to even go} they are at ur local pet smart just ask a consultant that works in the dog department and they go for about $20 but the money comes back later with surgeries or better yet ur vet. If u think the pads are too expensive then get a trusted friend or neighbor to take him/her out for that time


as long as u can


it's not healthy but it's not terrible, if you want have someone let him out once while you are at work, can't hurt, offer them like $10 a week for doing so...


How long can YOU hold YOUR pee? A dog should not be forced to hold it more than longer than a few hour depending on their age and size.


for a healthy adult dog, 12+ hours can be expected. 8 is well within normal expectation.

My boxer has waited for 13 or 14 hours or more on many occasions when we were unavailable to let him out.


not healthy if more than 8 hrs but it is great that he is potty trained for that long at 10 months. it is not good for a dog to be left for more than the 8 hrs as it may need water or other relief.


Take him for a walk before, and don't give him any water for a time before the eight-hour stretch and an adult dog will be OK. Ten months is a bit young for this, eight hours is bit long. I would worry about the "or more" part of your question. This is long time for a puppy.


As a general rule of thumb, a puppy can go one hour for month-of-age plus one. In other words, a two-month-old puppy can hold his bladder and bowels for 3 hours, a three-month-old for 4 hours, a five-month-old for 6 hours. Many puppies cannot be fully housebroken before they are 6 months old. By that age, they can "hold it" for up to 7 hours.

also i have heard you could teach it to go on the toilet or maybe even like a cat for a while thean just move its ltter box outside when your home.