How rare are ginger female cats?

ive suddenly aquired two kittens which i were informed were female. i have rang the vets for them to have a checkup and when i stated that they were female but one was ginger and the other tortishell the receptionist said almost all gingers are tom cats and tortishell are female. their anatomy looks the same so i dont know!

so i was just wondering how many of you own ginger cats? are they really that rare?


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About 85% of ginger cats are male so it is possible you have a female. It is not near as rare as having a male tortieshell (1 in 3000)

The tech has just probably never seen one. I have 3 female ginger foster kittens right now. All from different places.


Not rare at all. The proper color term IS Red tabby (even in the UK a purebred cat would be called RED and not ginger). If you guys choose to call them ginger for domestics, it doesn't matter. As a person that shows, I prefer to call them the proper color terms.

Now to answer your question. 75% of Red tabbies will be male. The color gene is carried on the X chromosone. Females are XX; males are XY. In order to get a red female both mom and dad have to have red on them. Mom gives color to both males and females; dad gives color to females only. This means:

Mom is either a red herself, calico or tortie

Dad is a red tabby too.

Then you can get red females, tortie females, red males and black males. If both parents are red tabbies then you get kittens that are red in both males and females.

Now the most important thing to do is get both kittens to the vet and have them verify the sex - then get them spayed/neutered by 3-4 months old. If your vet refuses to do this, then if you have opposite sex kittens they have to be separated at 4 months old till they both are done. Kittens as young as 4 months can breed and get pregnant. And please do not let them outside till they are spayed/neutered.


not that rare


It must be very cute


that's interesting i did not know that !

and i have friends that have ginger cats but they are all male !


They're rare? I didn't know that. Well, a friend's cat had a litter of ginger kittens and all were female except 1 male.


They are not rare at all, Female orange tabbies in fact is a very common color.

o a calico being a male is considered rare.


I have three ginger cats that are all male. I have also been told that sometimes, although very rare, a ginger can be female. Calico cats are almost always female. I am not sure how true this is or if its a myth.