What some good home remidies ro fix my cats broken neck? I dont have money to bring it to the vet. ?

Please help


ouch... a broken neck is pretty serious stuff. If you're not sure its broken, I would wait for it to heal, but if it is broken, I don't know how the cat would still be alive, but if it is, I would find all the money you can, or get it put down.


I'm sorry but your cat will die if you don't take her/him to a vet


Your cat is going to die. People who can't afford to pay for vet bills shouldn't have pets.


Your cat NEEDS to see the vet asap. It is crul to let him die in agony.


If your cat truly has a broken neck he is going to die a horrible slow and painful death unless you get him to the vet right now.


You might not have money for a very expensive vet bill, but I'm sure you have enough money to do the humane thing and take him to the vet and have him euthanized, Please do the humane thing. If his neck is broken he is in some serious pain and probably darn near death.. You need to make the right choice.


The best thing that you can do is take your kitty to a vet, if you don't have a family vet call around there are vets that participate in charitable programs that will treat your cat for free or a minimal fee. Some vets will ask that you turn over your pet to them if you are incapable of properly caring for the animal. That is a hard thing to do but if you love your pet it is the kindest thing you can do for your pet. What you are now doing could be (depending on how long your kitty has been injured) considered animal cruelty. Please be kind to your pet, they feel pain as you feel pain. I had a friend in a similar situation, a vet treated her dog after a hit and run where the dog needed emergency surgery it was a very expensive surgery which she couldn't afford. A nurse at the vet's office offered to pay for all of the treatment if she would sign ownership of the dog over to her. As a loving owner she did what was best for her dog. For all pet owners there is health insurance for pets please check your vets office for more information.