Why does my dog eat my bloody tampons?

I throw them in my trash bin, and my dog will knock it over and eat them. Can someone tell me why he does this and how I can prevent this from happening?


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Mine did it too, its a REALLY disgusting habit..

But basically I got a clean one and showed it to her, 'WHATS THIS?' I yelled angrily and scruffed her making her look at me.

She's never done it since.

Well, with mine anyway, she does with mums.

Tampons can be flushed anyway... Whereas we use pads in our house and you can't flush thwm as easily.

Understandably its a bit of hassle putting every pad in the outside bin and can be a real pain if you have heavy periods.

Sorry to be so 'informative' but I hope it helps.


nasty b i t c h


i hate bleeding question s like this, your house must stink


He's a vampire


its a dog most dogs will eat anything that doesn't eat them first


Wow, that's really disturbing.

Put them in a plastic bag (like a nappy bag).


I just threw up in my mouth a little.

I can't believe your sharing this with us.

How about put them in a trash your dog can't get to. Problem solved.


Flush them, get a trash can with a lid or throw them away outside. Preventing your dog from getting to them is more important than why.