My dog ate one of my pads in the garbage what should i do?

Every time I get my period, My dang dog goes crazy, he ripped up my garbage and now everything is all in my driveway, i think he swallowed one of my maxi pads, what should i do?


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He will probably vomit it up, however, I think it would be safe to take him to a vet. Watch him all the time and don't let it happen again. If he consumes too many maxi pads it might be the last thing he does.


Why don't you put a lid on your garbage can?


be more careful where u bin your pads. just get safe bins, or put them out of reach.


Get him neutered so he won't be so exited.


Bowel blockages are common in dogs who eat new or used feminine sanitary products. You need to watch him like a hawk, make sure he still has bowel movements and eats and drinks without vomiting. If he does not have a bowel movement, or if it is diarrhea when he does, or if he vomits, stops eating, or becomes lethargic get him to your vet ASAP.


Good answers from everyone, but I want to add one additional deterrent to the dog eating anything you don't want him to. Keep a container of cayenne pepper available. Sprinkle it liberally on the item (the pad), in the trash can, and even around it. It gets a bit messy for a while, but it doesn't take long at all before the dog won't touch that trash again. It even works to discourage raccoons from messing with trash cans!


You couldn't ask this before I had my lunch, could you; oh no ! ?! !

Anyway, you will have to keep a close eye on the dog for any signs of distress. These materials may or may not break down sufficiently for him to ''pass'' them. If they do not they will block the dogs bowel and he will require surgery to remove it.

I can set a raw steak on top of the lid of my garbage can in the evening and it will still be there in the morning. My dog is trained to stay away from the garbage.


Watch your dog, like others have said, he might have blockage and can die from that.

As for your pads, throw them away in a garbage can in your house that he can't get to. Considering that he got into your garbage in the driveway, he should be more closely supervised. If he had enough time to rip through your garbage on the driveway without anyone noticing, then he has enough time to get hit by a car.