We got baby chicks yesterday and one wont stop chirping?

so we get baby chicks every year, and this week was that time of year so we got chicks and ducks. well one of the chicks literally will not stop chirping and my brothers are annoyed as well as everyone, well me and my mom are more concerned like whats up with this, when all of them are sleeping it stands and just chirps, last night it woke me up and i took it out and let it cuddle with my neck (we keep them inside in a big long oval bucket by my bed because the big chickens will eat them alive and its still freezing cold outside) and it actually stopped but then i fell asleep and woke up later, it was still there and being quiet, I am surprised i did not squish the poor little thing :| then i put it back in with the others and there it went again chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp....... the only time it does not chirp is when its eating and drinking and sometimes it shuts up for like maybe 5min at the most. also it likes walking backwards ... kinda weird never had that before either...

so does anyone know how to make it stop or not chirp so much? thanks :)




....~ ..<--chickey :)


Some puppies whine & cry all the time, so do human babies while others don't. Same w birds. I'm surprised you didn't squish it either, try not to do that again. Get a stuffed animal for it to cuddle up to (maybe run it thru the dryer to warm it up). Are they in a heated brooder? Most young chicks need to be kept warm w extra heat (there are special bulbs made just for this). This chick could be a runt and just not able to regulated it's body heat as well as the others. Do what you can to keep it warm. That may be all it needs. Good luck, dear.


its possessed by the devil, iv had this happen to my baby chicks too. the backwards walking is common for possessed chicks cus thats when they are trying to get out of their earthly body and return to the heavenly body but satan keeps pulling them back, so they walk backwards. first thing you need to do is figure out did you piss off satan or did you buy your baby chick that way, if you bought it that way go find a priest to do an exorcism. however if you pissed off satan theres nothing you can do, unfortually its just going to get worse because the chick wont grow into a hen it will turn into a giant baby chick and start puking black swamp muck. another way to detemine if its possessed is that its eyes will turn red and it will start hissing instead of chirping. i recommend you hang a tiny baby chick crucifix around its neck. goodluck! xxx -gia


I agree with Gail, it is probably too cold. Get it a heat lamp for the nighttime.


im not a vet but it sounds like its missing its mum id put a cuddly toy in with it maybe think its its mum.


dip it's beak in water....hold it there for about ten seconds and then let it raise it's head....then repeat....after a few tries you will see it swallow...when this happens hold it down there a couple more times.....then check again in three or four hours.....this usually takes care of it....