Can i put vicks vapor rub on my dogs nose to stop him from smelling?

I wouldnt let him eat it... I would just stick it on his nose and let it sit long enough to kind of let the smell of it stay and than wipe it off. Do you think this will work I would do this at agility trials


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You can try it.

I know a lot of people -especially those with Hounds- who do this for Obedience and Agility.

For those that do not know what that is for, it is to help keep the dog from wanting to scent during its performance. Sometimes the smell on the grass is overwhelming and the dogs get too distracted to perform. Remember we are never on virgin fields when we compete so although dogs are not marking on the grass at the trial, it usually has scents from before the trial ever started.

It is also regularly used on male dogs at shows if there is a ***** in heat nearby or in their class.

TRY IT AT HOME FIRST to make sure he tolerates it.


NO. I don't think that is a good idea. No, I would not recommend it! NO. Yes, if they can figure out how to get the top of the jar open. LOL


can anybody say unfriendable.


Sure. People do it all the time at shows when there are bitc** in heat.


No and it would be cruel to the dog, that is what dogs do is smell.


putting vicks on your dogs nose will only cause irritation, and overproduction of mucus. Would you rub vicks vapour rub on hyper sensitive parts of your own body? Think about it;


Why do you want him to stop smelling? I can't answer this question because I don't know the reason you want to stop the dog from smelling.

The dog has a right to smell....


Not sure why you wouldn't want your dog to have his sense of smell during agility trials, but used for an extended period of time may have some detrimental effects on his sinuses. I would check with my vet before using it on a continuous basis.