Help! My dog ate a cupcake wrapper!?

So, I was in the kitchen eating a cupcake, and my 12yr old dog was begging for food. Well, I ACCIDENTALLY dropped the PAPER wrapper and she ate it! I tried to get it out of her mouth, but she swallowed it! There was no chocolate in it, or frosting, will she be OK? She has had no digestive problems in the past, but I know that this could cause some kind of impaction... what should I do?


She will be just fine. But keep an eye on her just in case. My 11 year old dog ate one and she ended up throwing it up. And if she doesn't throw it up it's fine. It's just paper so it will be digested with no problems.


I would contact your vet asap. The dog will probably pass it just fine, but talk to your vet for advice.


She will be fine. Her stomach acid will dissolve it. I would recommend you'd keep an eye on her when she goes out, though.


She'll be fine. It's only paper. Watch her stools to make sure it passes. Give her some carrots to help knock it all right out.


As long as it was the paper one she will be just fine. Watch to see if she can poop if she can nothing to even worry about.Vet said they would be fine.


As long as it is a paper wrapper it will be fine. Paper will break down in the digestive system.


Ha, you''re lucky. my dog ate a plastic bag, (yeah long story) she was fine. The vet said, she'll be okay, now she's up and running. after a few hours she threw it up. plain and simpled. your dog is fine, paper will disolve. and soon the dog will

1) throw it up

2) poop it out

3) be fine.