Is it ok to use duct tape in a guinea pig cage?

So i am getting a guinea pig (YAY!) and am using a hard plastic BIG bottle used before for pretzels as its hideout and bed. I wanna make it pretty so i am going to buy pretty blue duct tape. Is it OK to use duct tape? what about the big hard plastic jar bottle? please answer it! QUICK!


i dont reconend it, they will try and eat it. they will try and eat plastic bags too if you give them the chance. there not to bright when it comes to things like that. you need to get a pigloo or just some normal card boxes with no tape on. i also hope your not just getting one as they need companie or they get lonely.


That depends, Can you go **** yourself?


No i found that out the hard way they will get sick because of the adhesives and guinea pigs will eat plastic.


You can use whatever you want, as long as the little guy doesn't chew on it and doesn't hurt itself on sharp edges.


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