Can rabbits see in the dark good?

Well my rabbit's cage has been in the garage forever and every night when I feed her I feel bad to turn out the lights because I am not sure if she can see or not. I sometimes leave it on but always forget to turn it off after wards! Can rabbits see in the dark? Do their eyes glow like cats?


I have had rabbits in my garage too, and did the same thing you did. I fed them and turned off the lights quickly after. But, I went out there the next morning and the food was gone. And I have done some research for the past six years. Rabbits can actually see very well in the dark, because there eyes are used to it. Because they are mainly active at night.

But there eyes don't glow like cats. Cats just use that to see. Rabbits actually can see just fine without the help of there eyes lighting up. Just remember, you did nothing wrong, your rabbit has been eating just fine.

Hope this helped, and hope you and your rabbit live a happy life together.


try this... I hope it help you


rabbits eyes are designed to see best at dusk and dawn. They cannot see at night like cats do.


yes that's why rabbit's come out at night


there eyes will glow if a light shines in them and most rabbits that live in the forest are nocturnal so yes they can see in the dark


No, their eyes don't glow in the dark

Yes, they can see in the dark a lot better then some animals.

They ussaly, in the wild, eat at dawn and dusk because those are the safest times for them to stay away from predators.

Their eyes are able to use the little amount of light around them to see better, but they also have a great sense of smell and feel for living under ground where it's pitch dark.