HELP! I accidentally killed my kitten and I don't know what to do?

When I was walking down the stairs when it was dark, I tripped and stepped on my kitten. Now my kitten is moving and scared to what will happen when my parents wake up tomorrow, what will I do?


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Actually, I would advise you to tell your parents the truth. Trust me it is the best thing to do. They will offer the best help. It's a good idea, much better than posting it on Yahoo answers. You did it by accident and you are feeling guilty about this.

However, if you are still interested in hiding this fact from your parents, then try this

Just leave it somewhere, maybe outside the house or anywhere else where there are many people. So, for anyone suspecting on you, the probability of you doing it would be less. Act as if you don't know anything about this. Start crying and interrogate your parents instead


i didn't really understand your question but im pretty sure ur screwed...sorry man


So is ur kitten dead or not?




you kill it you eat it...


Do you mean now your kitten is NOT moving? Tell your parents right now, it might not be dead?


Put it beside the bed so one of your parents steps on it when they get up so they'll think they did it.


If your kitten is moving it means it is alive.

If it really is dead, then you have a zombie. Go for the head.