My dog can't poop, doesn't eat and keeps throwing up. What is wrong?

My dog has been throwing up for over 3 days now, his food intake has gone down considerably and now will only eat ice cubes and possibly some small human food. He cannot poop. He doesn't do much except lay down. I wish we could bring him to the vet but we are low on money, please help!


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You must feel the stomach area of your dog. If it is hard to the touch you MUST take the dog to the vet. I realize money is difficult, and many vets will not even let you through the door without the cash in hand, but call around and see if you can find a vet then that will make a loan to you. You can not fool around with a dog that may have a twisted stomach called bloat or a blockage of some kind. He WILL die if this is not rectified

Think about what it could be that may be blocking his intestines? Is there a half eaten toy? Think back to three days ago, what were you doing? What could have he gotten into? This could help the vet.

Look at my resources at the end of this answer to read more about this blockage condition called bloat. You will see how grave of a situation this is.

If the stomach is not hard and bloated, make up a mixture of 50% rice and 50% boiled ground beef. Feed this to your dog. Stop with the human food treats. Stick with this for a week. Keep watch on the stomach and bowel movements. If they are normal after the week, then start adding some kibble back into his diet over the next week, until he is totally back to eating normal and eating his own kibble by the end of the second week.

Good luck, KK. Remember how serious of a problem this is if the stomach is hard. Only do the change of diet thing if the stomach is not bloated and hard.

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You need to take him to the vets, can't you borrow some money?


give it some human food and put a laxitive (1/8 if small 1/4 if big)


your dog has a serious problem that MUST be addressed by a vet--All the symptoms you indicate are indicative of a folded up / blocked intestine.


You should take him to the vet immediately for he will die. My old dog had that problem and we figured out he was allergic to his food so we swiched the brand and he was healthy again.


Find a low cost vet like those at animal shelters. Or just get pet insurance to lower the vet bill. Also, try to give him multi vitamins. the can be the difference between life and death in situations like these


You could ask for help from your family?

But if money is a really big issue then I think you should give your dog to someone who is fit of taking care of it. I know you love your dog dearly, which is the exact reason you should do whats best for him/her.

Try looking at websites, maybe email a veterinarian and tell him about your situation and ask for suggestions.

Good luck!


You really do need to take that dog in. Might have an intestine blocked. Was he eating rawhide? Dont encourage food but plenty of water. As much as he will drink. Ice cubes if need be. I had one that did the same thing and i thought she was going to die. All curled up in the corner. Just kept bringing her water. Luckily she drank it and got better over night. Feel the nose. Dont let him dehydrate.