Can you use head and shoulders shampoo on cats?

My cat has a dandruff problem and I heard someone say u could use it if it's watered down is That true


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NO! Use DAWN dishwashing detergent only- that's what they use for oil covered animals after oil vet said nothing but dawn.




Please get a proper pet shampoo that's suitable for cats.


i wouldn't advise it. just use baby shampoo! it smells better anyway.


Cats clean themselves! Scrubbing your cats sensitive skin with shampoo will make this problem much worse. Add some olive oil to his meals, they love it and it will moisturize his skin.


No, it will dry out a cat's skin and make them very itchy. My cats scratched her ears raw until they got little bumps on them and bled. If anything use a baby shampoo if you can't find a suitable cat's shampoo.


OMG no, most humans can't use that brand of shampoo, because it is way to harsh on the skin. So why would you want to bathe your cat in it.

Get some cat shampoo.


head and shoulders was probably tested on a cat or some similar animal like a rabbit before being approved so it should be fine just make sure you wash it out REALLY well because your cat will probably lick their fur after and you dont want them licking up any shampoo