My guinea pig is leaning to one side and falling over?

I just need to know if he is going to die or not its only 2 days old! we can't afford a vet someone please help!!…


?Guinea pigs may live as long as seven to nine years.

?Guinea pigs are social creatures who need daily quality time and interaction with their human family.

?Guinea pigs love being petted and will fall asleep in your lap if they trust you.

?Guinea pigs can develop social relationships with people or other species of animals.

?A guinea pig's ears are very sensitive to loud noises.

?If your guinea pig assumes a stretched-out posture, this means that she is in a relaxed mode.

?A happy guinea pig may jump straight up and down; this is called "popcorning" in juvenile guinea pigs.

?Guinea pigs are unable to manufacture Vitamin C within their bodies; therefore, this vitamin must be supplemented.

?A guinea pig's teeth constantly grow, so she needs an appropriate chew toy to keep teeth properly worn down.

Its a new born gunit pig so maybe thats why wait some time


If you can't afford a vet, you shouldn't have a pet. animals need medical care make sure you have the money before you get get it and I agree with the other answer its probably just learning to walk.


The guinea pig is only two days old?Why do you have it that young?I think that he/she probably is still learning to walk if its that young.But my guinea pig did the exact same thing, and i woke up and he was dead!I didnt do anything wrong, he just died, so keep an eye on him, and make sure that you check for broken bones, and if there is'nt any apparently broken bones, just give it a place to rest.I hope i helped, your guinea pig is in my prayers =)


Of curse it is going to die with our vet intervention, people that do not proper care for their pets have no business having them, please take them to the local SPCA and give them up so they can be re homed with people who will care for them like they should be and will have a chance to live, refusing to do so is just selfish, and a certain death sentence for them.