Why is my parakeets tail shaking?

I got my parakeet yesterday at Petsmart.She looks fine but her tail feathers is shaking. Is she sick? Should i be worried? She is also very active in her cage.Also there is poop hanging from her bottom. How do i get it out? I put a tub with a water so she can clean herself but she hasn't touched it once.


These are both signs of a sick bird. I recommend taking it to the vet but if you aren'tt too keen to do this then you can put some grit (small crushed sand/shells, you can buy it from most pet stores) in its food to help with digestion and if you have worming formula, try that well. Just treat it for things you haven't treated for recently. Make sure it is kept in a warm place so it doesn't get cold. And also, another sign of a sick bird is if it is keeping its eyes closed a lot of the time when you have it out or when it is on its perck, etc. :) Hope this helped and good luck.