Why are chihuahuas scared of everything?

My friends and I were walking back to my house to watch a movie, when we saw a chihuahua run across the road. It turned and looked at us and started barking. For fun, we start barking at it, and it backs up a bit, looking startled, and then keeps barking. We cross the street because we think it might be lost. So we notice it has no collar or anything as we approach it slowly and cautiously, and it runs up a pair of stairs, and we were a few feet away, and figured that must be where it lives, so we go up and ring the doorbell, and the chihuahua was whining and peeing itself and shivering a lot, we didn't understand why it was so scared, we were acting calm and showing it we were nice people. It was tall and dominant from across the street but when we got closer, it became submissive and frightened. (Odd how they always act so big until you get close I find :P) So the owner opens the door a bit, and the chihuahua runs in and he closes the door without a word. We always see it on the lawn, but then it wasn't this time. Not responsible if you ask me.

But, my main question is, why are chihuahuas scared of everything ? :S


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they are small. and maybe his owner treats him bad an d hits him and thinks you might do that to him.


chihuahuas are generally fearless. I have four and have raised them for thirty five years. I gave one to my brother that was killed in battle with a chow. My son's chichi was killed by a blue healer over food. they really do not understand size, they think they are as large as the animal they are facing and pay the price most of the time. mine are excellent watch dogs and terrific company. i bellieve they are smarter than most people.


mine arent he was probably abused my dog is friends with the biggest dog in our neighborhood if that helps


you would be scared of everything to if you were the size of a rat and couldnt understand a thing people say. lol


They're not. it was just that chiuahua that just so happened to be scared of something 30x it's size.

My grandads chihuahua is pretty much fearless.


i think that chihuahua might have been abused by the owner

as for chihuahuas in general, they could be scared of everything because if you put yourself in their perspective, the world is huge and people are like giants to them


More likely the Chis are abused by the breeders. Instead of getting them in their homes by 7-8 weeks, they hold them to 12 weeks and the end of the time they accept things well.


I have a question for you. Why did you and your friend find it necessary to tease the dog? That is juvenile behavior to say the least.

And not ALL Chis are nervous little creatures. I know a few large, intimating breeds that would pee themselves if I said *boo*.

Leave the Chihuahua breed alone and quit teasing dogs.