How long will my dog live with congestive heart failure?

My dog is a chihuahua mix, and he's 12 years old. He was diagnosed with CHF this year, we're giving him his meds, but I'm still kinda worried about him. He's been lazy, and he hacks ocassionally, sometimes he breaths heavily. how long do you think he'll live?


I had a dog that was 11 years old when diagnosed with this condition. He held on pretty good for two more years. As sad as it was to lose him, when he finally did go, thankfully it was pretty quick and peaceful. He was 9 years old when we got him, he was a dog we rescued from a puppy mill, and he was in horrible shape. We gave him a good four years. He gave us a life time of memories. I often wonder if he would have lived longer if he had not been so neglected and abused before us. I mean when we got him, he was a walking skeleton.

So I know each case is different. I hope you get a good couple of years or more. And enjoy every precious moment you have.


talk to your vet


i would talk to the vet and it just depends on how well it goes or how often his heart fails


The biggest question you have to ask yourself is what is the quality of life he is living. CHF is basicly a weak heart. the upper chambers of your heart become weak, the lower chambers pick up the workload. Depending on which side of the heart is effected will dictate his symptoms. If the fluid is backing up into his lugs it is his left upper chamber. Lasix helps pulls the fluids from his system but his laziness will prob never go away because his heart is weak and everything has to make up for it. Temp and hi humidity will effect him as well. He also will be prone to pneumonia. Talk to your vet but eventually you will be faced with THE decision. Its never easy but it gos back to the quality of life. No one wants their beloved pet to suffer. They are not just a dog, they are part of the family. What kind of meds do they have him on?


With meds he can live a little bit longer as they help his heart to keep regulating the same but it is questionable. your dog may have other issues too so the best answer is to ask your vet as they can hear the heart of your dog and see how hard it is beating.

My dog lived 2 years longer he was 10 when he was diagnosed with the disease so it all depends on the dog's health.

So sorry to hear your loved dog has this.


Depends on how poorly his heart is functioning, and how well he responds to the medications. If he is still coughing and overly tired, speak with the vet about adjusting his medication amounts or changing medications. My parents' dog with CHF lived several years after his diagnosis while on medication, but once the meds weren't helping him enough for him to be able to enjoy life and be active, they had him humanely euthanized. Think about his quality of life. If the vet isn't able to get his condition under enough control that he can live happily, and all he does is lie about and have trouble breathing, it may be time to let him go.