Why is my puppy humping other dogs?

My puppy is only 3 months old and he humps other dogs,toys, and people's arms and legs. He mostly humps other dogs. He humps both female and male dogs. Is this normal for such a young puppy. I don't think its a sexual thing because he does this to male dogs. He humps random dogs he sees and meet. Why does he do this. My puppy also isn't too playful. When puppies see other dogs, their supposted to get all excited and start playing. Mine isn't really that social. He's more calm. He gets super excited to meet poeple but not other dogs. Is this normal?


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It is normal behavior, though I didn't see it in my puppy until 4 moths. It is part of the natural development of puppies that serves two purposes, 1. as playing house or dr. serves a purpose in children/human development, so does this behavior for a dog in natural reproduction. It does not mean that your dog is being sexual in the way we think, it only means that your dog is going along the lines of natural development in expressing this natural behavior in play, while developing for adulthood. 2. This is also dominance play. Both females and males express this behavior during play and will do this when most excited. They wrestle around for a while and then have the opportunity to gain the advantage by the rear-end, or head, thus gaining dominance.

You will see that in "equal play" between a male and female dog, this behavior is exhibited on both parts, however, the dominant dog usually "wins" by telling the other dog it is enough with a full body thrust, several fast steps forward "ruff, ruff, ruff!" kind of bite to the neck where the other dog will stop and kind of look confused for a moment and settle down a bit, while the other dog reverts his/her attention elsewhere. There will be a moment of peace or silence before the play starts again.

Your dog could be overly excited showing a need to express his "place" and compensate for the normal behavior that would normally take place in a pack, or meeting other dogs.

Are you walking your dog? I would suggest more social interaction with other dogs, however you need to do it. Let your dog get used to the idea and socialize at his own pace. Keep at it, and try to let your dog meet a "friend" that he can interact with on a more often basis, and longer than 5 minutes.

If your puppy starts to show an obsession with the behavior, this is a problem and can also cause urinary and other functional problems, due to friction.

Personally, I allow my puppy the behavior to a certain extent. I allow him my arm or leg but immediately flip him on his back if he does this. I don't scold him or tell him no, and it doesn't hurt him to be flipped onto his back (gently), it's just me saying NO you will NOT dominate me. He can hump a pillow all he wants, but really he's mostly interested in humping me, or my husband. We don't allow it and flip him on his back.

He will try to hump my other dogs, but they don't allow it either. They let him know in their own way.

Allow him to interact with other dogs, and yes, it is normal behavior. He's just developing. You just have to know how to work with him appropriately during this phase.


talk to breeder or vet

usually a show of dominance

might take to trainer now


He's either really horny or very domineering. i would suggest neutering him.


Nothing to do with sex. This is a dominance issue. Best you stop him now before the aggression issues start.


get him neutered. then if it gets out of hand, take away the thing he is humping and ignore him. he will realize that its not good because he just gets ignored.


It's an act of dominance, if the dog humps another dog or person, discipline the dog, no hitting, just pull the dog away and say no.


How social your puppy is toward other dogs partly depends on what breed he is. hiss other behavior is reasonably normal and should just be ignored. It will go away by itself if it is ignored.


Dogs hump for sexual reasons, or for dominance. Even though my dog is a female and spayed, she would still hump. I asked my veterinarian and he said that she does it for dominance. Hope this helps!