How long does a flea bite take to show up?

Right my elderly neighbor asked me to take her dog to the vets to get a flea jab , i took him but when i got there the vet said he had a really bad infestation , but now 4 days later i have just noticed a very itchy defienate flea bite on my lower arm. I'am very worried because i don't know if its from our neighbors dog or my dog who had a bad infestation but his vaccination run out 2 days ago and we don't know if fleas are still in our house . We bombed everywhere again . So how long does it take for a flea bite to show up ?


for most people you will see the itchy bump almost immediately. Your car may be the problem if you had your neighbors dog in it. Also when you are exposed to an animal or habitat with flea infestation you need to thoroughly check your clothes before coming home. These nasty little buggers will hitch hike.


They usually appear quite quickly as in 10 mintutes