I think i'm obsessed with my pets lol?

ummm i buy them x mas gifts b day gifts and easter gifts, i wrap them and wait till x mas eve to put them under the tree and then make them believe in "santa" LOL

please no rude answers if you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all <3


i do the same for christmas my dogs get new collars and really good dinner,and even the cat gets a tin of tuna


Aww, I gave my rabbits xmas prezzies last year! :P


Cute :) me too.


Loll nah! Its no big deal. I think thats actually really cute


Aren't we all lol


I got my hamster a xmas pressie once but he ignored it and played with the wrapper! lol :)


Pffff.... My sister dresses her dog everyday and every morning. He has a actual closet of clothes. Her dog is having a birthday party to on the 7th. He has pants shirts hats underwear lol.