Dog keeps coughing/choking?

My dog (she's a Pomeranian) has been coughing ir sounds more like choking on and off for about a day now... It started yesterday. She's 9 1/2 years old... I'm just wondering what it could possibly be causing this.


Sorry but 9 1/2 years for a dog is certainly not on her last legs as someone suggests here. She has plenty of time left in her but seriously do get her to the vets. Expensive but worth it.


Your dog may have a cold or flu. If it doesn't clear up soon, take her to the vet.


9 and 1/2 years for a dog is really long. she just might be barking her last barks. cherish every moment!


She could have Kennel cough (Bordtella).

Or something could be stuck in her throat.

There are more possibilities but those two were the ones I thought of.


Dog KEEPS coughing/choking, and you STILL haven't taken it to a vet? What's wrong with your dog is it has a clueless owner.



A 9.5 year old dog that is coughing like she is choking needs to see a vet. Sounds like a partially collapsed trachea. Or it could be something else. Either way, at her age she deserves a senior wellness exam.


This is common in small dogs. My Pomeranian does the same thing if they get worked too hard or if they eat something other than their dog food. If it continues go to a vet - something might be wrong with her windpipe - which, again, is common.


well my dog is a female pomeranian as well and she makes sound like what you are describing and she is about the same age. maybe she is just somewhat stopped up in her throat or something. If my dog drinks to much water she will do that and just spit up. I don't think that something is wrong with her though it's normal sounding to me.