Help me! Is my guinea pig dying? :'(?

I have a female guinea pig and she's 3 years old. I take perfect care of her, but she's extremely sick. I can't take her to the vet, because no one will take guinea pigs in this area. My guinea pig is lying down flat with her head on the bottom of her cage. She won't get up and if I pick her up she cries. She has crusted eyes and the fur around her eyes is gone. She has diarrhea and has lost a ton of weight... I can feel her spine, her ribs, and she lost that healthy "plump" belly that guinea pigs should have. She won't eat anything that I give her. I've tried everything... even romaine lettuce, which she absolutely loves. I don't think she's had anything to eat in the last 30 hours. I did get her to drink a little bit of water about 15 minutes ago, but only through a syringe. I'm afraid she isn't going to make it much longer. Does anyone have an idea as to what may be wrong with her? Or is she simply dying from old age? Please help me... I love my Pumpkin so much! ? ? ?


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Guinea pigs go downhill REALLY fast! I do think that Pumpkin is going to pass away... I know that hurts a lot to hear, but.. if you can't get her to a vet, then she isn't going to be able to make it. It may also be too late to save her if you even find a place. BUT, you need to look around and see if there is an emergency vet around! Please try and find one! Look on the internet.. even if you can find one an hour away.. They can do payments I believe, and it shouldn't be more than $200... And please don't say an excuse like you can't afford to take her... If you can't find a place even after looking, then maybe it's best to not have a guinea pig after this, because then if it gets sick.. you will not have a place to bring the guinea pig and then the guinea pig will die. That is why it's always best to make sure there is a vet around where you live who takes exotics before you get a pet in case they ever get sick.

:( I'm so sorry.. and poor Pumpkin. You need to syringe feed her and give her water by a syringe since she is not eating. If a guinea pig hasn't eaten after 12-16 hours, liver cells begin to break down and from then your pig will only get worse. You can get some baby food like baby food carrots, peas, or things like that that they can eat.. and syringe feed that.

Every single moment is precious and with every single moment lost she is closer to death... Please try and find a place right away!

I really hope a miracle happens and that she makes it and that you are able to find a place! :(

Edit: This has a list of medical things that can go wrong with guinea pigs:…

Sounds like she has a upper respiratory infection, but could be something completely different. All I know is that whatever is wrong.. it's something serious, and she will only get worse and won't make it if she doesn't get seen and is left untreated.


You can search in google or somewhere else for telephones of vets and then call them and ask if they can come to your house and see your giuinea pig. I have a guinea pig too and he is not very active just because my cage is too small and he dosen't have a partner. I read a book about guinea pigs and it says that it can have diarrhea if in the cage is newspaper or any kind of paper with colors. Any way I am soory that your guinea pig is sick. :'( DO NOT PUT YOUR GUINEA PIG TO SLEEP! Keep searching for vets and do not give up on her/him! Guinea pigs can usually live about 8 years and your guinea pig is NOT OLD! again do not give up!


I don't know Probably


feel her if she is really cold to the touch then i am so sorry but she is dying but if she is not cold then she mayjust be sick.


i think she is :( i'm sorry. it does sound like she's in a lot of pain, so, if i were you, i'd look up ways to put a guinea pig to sleep


It sounds like shes in a lot of pain, it may just be time to let her go. I'm so sorry :'(

But if you don't want to let her go try taking her to the pet store where you got her, they may be able to help.

Good luck :(


Seeing as how she has crusted eyes with no fur around them, diarrea, lost weight and crying. She is more than likley very sick. She is, however, very young. It might be best to A) get her to a vet ASAP or B) just let nature take its course. I am REALLY sorry about this and I'll send you my prayers!


This could be very critical. Anything other than liquid or solid waste is very bad. Go to the local pet store or where you got her. They will help you or try to find a local vet that will take care of Pumpkin. My guinea pig didn't have enough Vitamin C. I'm really sorry about Pumpkin. I wish you luck.


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