What boy names rhyme with Riley?

My parents just got me a new puppy and I named him Riley. I had no idea I was gonna get another puppy which is his brother. I want their names to rhyme because they're kinda look like twins.


Bringing your new puppy home is such an exciting time. This new bundle of loveliness immediately becomes the center of attention. Everyone in the family will have a name that they want to call the new baby.

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Smiley-from Do The Right Thing









Oh dont do that

Give the other dog a name that you will enjoy because you,ll be saying the name every day


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Well, I just wanna say that you might not want to do that because the dogs will easily become confused. But it shouldnt hurt anything, but they might both come when you call one of them becuase their names sound so similiar but other than that, I like the names Smiley and Briley.


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