Can a pet rabbit live in the wild after 3 years living inside?

I got a rabbit for my birthday three years ago but I never wanted it was i just kept it in a cage under my bed for three years until my dad told me to let it go in the wild so I let it out at my local park.

that was last week do you think its still alive?


don't listen to these people the rabbit would have been found by someone and rabbits have short memory of 10 secs any way its just a giant rat with long ears anyway


I do not think so. He got used to being captive and being cared for. its a big turning point being let go into the wild. maybe someone else found it and housed it for you ^_^


jeez are u stupid, and keeping it in a cage under ur bed?! do u not realise rabbits need exercise, they go mad if kept locked up in suck a dark space. why didnt u think if it would die, BEFORE releasing it? if u didnt want it, why not give it to a shelter, after all, u went to the trouble of going to the park.

domestic rabbits are not like wild rabbits. i wish pet owners/people who buy pets 4 their children were more responsible


No it will be dead now. A dog or cat even will have caught it. The advice your father gave you was incorrect and cruel. A domestic rabbit has no "street smarts" like a wild rabbit. In future if you have any pets you reject, take them to the local Animal Shelter. They will find a good home.


WOW! You kept it under your bed in a cage for three years. They are super sociable animals and they definitely need attention. Rabbits can get really depressed. I can't believe you let it go out in the wild. You're a dumbass. I don't care if you didn't even want it. It's a pet, stupid. You could of at least tried to find a better owner than yourself.


NO! that is never something you should do! your not doing it a favor by setting it free. its going to sit there and wait for you to feed it until it eventually staves to death, unless it gets eaten by a wild animal first. This was definitely not a good descision! you shouldve taken it to a local animal shelter. the worst they would do is put it to sleep, which i think is better than being let out to starve.


What the hell was you thinking?! Anyone with a brain knows that a pet must NEVER, EVER under ANY circumstances EVER be set free in the wild! To keep an affectionate, intelligent animal in a cage under your bed for 3 years then throw it out in the wild to a certain death is extremely cruel! Did you not think of finding the rabbit a new home when you did'nt want it?! I can't beleive your wondering why you are getting mean responses for doing such an irresponsible thing!


No. Unless it was miraculously found and taken in by someone, it will die horribly from either predators, bad weather, poison, dehydration, or starvation if it hasn't already. Pet animals have no idea how to take care of themselves because they were bred and raised to be cared for by humans, and that's why it's cruel to dump them outside like that. What you should have done was made the effort to actually find someone to care for it, or at least taken it to a shelter, and it shouldn't have taken three years. Animals can sense their people's feelings; how do you think that poor rabbit felt, being unwanted for that long? Imagine if you knew your parents didn't want you and kept you around anyway until they finally, years later, dumped you into a forest far away from home.