Why does my cat lick me then bite me?

Ok so my cat if I let him lick me for long periods of time he'll bite but it isn't hard but it isn't a nip either I'm curious to know why he might be doing this


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If he does it when you are petting him in a soft way and he is content but nibbles you, it is love bites. He his letting you know he loves you and it is bonding for cats to do this. If he is playful when he bites? That is just it, he is playing. Grasping at you and biting you. My mom's cat when she is playing as that, she says "ow" and Autumn will let go. Not my Roxy, if I am playing with her....she has a death grip. Will draw blood at times. That is my fault, I played rough with her with a glove. Big mistake on my part. But only I know how to play with her. She watches Autumn though and at times now the "ow" works.

But yes, that is him letting you know he loves you. I am sure he has a good home with you. Take care and god bless.


It is nice you ask this question. Upon getting a pet of choice you really need to understand your pet and their nature (if cats were understood then maybe owners can take the time to train their pets then to take the easy way out and declaw, declawing is wrong and inhumane). Cats are very smart and curious at times. They have their own way of thinking and can be stubbern. But they also know loyalty and respect. They can be very good companions and very protective of their territory as in this story by Homer the blind black cat "Love Is Blind". Look that story up or you can also go to youtube and watch the video. Very smart, loyal, respectful and territorial cat. Very good cat indeed. Maybe it will give you a understanging about cats in some way and really respect the pet you have. Take care hon. Give your little one a kiss from me.


hehe mabe it is going to have a trick with u.


he thinks you're tasty


it's called a love bite.

it's a comfort thing.


Because he loves you.


The cat is just playing with you, if you watch cats play fight with each other then this is what they do. I wouldnt worry about it, they lick and then fight.


Well its a natural thing for cats. They love to play and fool around.. If he had a cat friend, he would go around playing and biting the cat (dont worry it wont hurt them, they're just playful beings) and then he will bite you less.


my cat does this too.It's his way of showing love and respect,it does get annoying so I put him outside to play with the dog.He loves the dog and does the same to him,but chief the dog loves the rough and tumble and enjoys the game.Now kitty does'nt bit us as much,the pets are happier and so are we.