Cory catfish lost most of its color...?

my cory catfish, which i keep in a 10 gallon tank, lost most of his color overnight. he is now mostly white, when he used to be a brownish-gray color. he seems to be behaving normally. Last night, i treated my aquarium with Jungle parasite guard for external parasites. could this have altered my catfish's color? If he is behaving normally, is there any cause for alarm?


His change in color is most likely directly related to the treatment. Any time you treat the tank with meds, it will affect your fish somehow. Test your water daily for a few days or until he starts looking normal again. Also, go over the instructions again to make sure you did not overdose with the meds. If you did, just do a 35% water change every other day for a week.


He might be sick try feeding him a different brand and check if the water is safe.