My guinea pig is acting weird! Please help?

Hello, I just recently (2 days ago) got my 2 female baby guinea pigs. I got them the largest cage that money can buy for guinea pigs. It is the biggest cage made by Marchioro 46 1/4 " x 22 3/4" is how big the cage is..Yes i know there is bigger cages made by but this is the biggest cage that i have space for, i live in a 1 bedroom apartment. Anyways, on to my questions. My piggies have been hiding all of the time, and I never see them eat or drink, but I always see plenty of normal pellet size poop in the cage. Are they not eating? Is this normal? Are they probably eating and drinking when I'm not around watching? I just wondered if this is normal, I 'm worried I would feel alot better if I saw them eating. They are on carefresh bedding, the have veggies, timmothy hay, alfalfa, and L&M or Zupreem guinea pig food. and water bottles to drink water from..Should i just give it a few days and let them get use to there new home? Mabye thats why they are acting strange? Please help with very detailed answers...thanks so much for everyone reading!


This is normal, if oyu just got them they are probably really skittish and unsure about whats going on. They are prey and hide from everything thinking you are going to eat them so until they get used to you and trust you wont hurt them they will stop hiding all the time. And YES they are eating and drinking when you arent around. i got a guineap ig 2 days ago also, He only ate around me once when i was sitting there for 10 minutes and he came out of his igloo and ran to hid food (along with the safety of my other piggy Dylan whom ive had for a year) I just sat there very quetly not moving. soon enough they will get used to you. from experience, i would say just talk to them quietly and stand or sit by there cage 10 minutes or more a day so they get used to you being around and they can reconize your voice so they know its you when you talk to them. Its just that this is all new to them and they are scared shy and skittish so dont be loud around them and dont make sudden movement that can scare them. They will eventually bond with you (maybe a month or so) you just gotta be patient(:


yes, guinea pigs take a few days to get used to their surroundings and the new people handling them. if they are pooping, that means that they are eating. keep track of how much water is in the bottle every day, to see if they are drinking. guinea pigs also like dark places to hide, i dont know why, but they do.


Thats the same thing that happened to my guinea pig named coco. Well the first night I got him I wasnt looking and when I turned around he was eating and drinking. Well if you have a hide house like your supposed to maybe take it out of her(s) cage. I wouldnt reccomend Carefresh Bedding. There is a bedding that I used its called Yesterdays News and its 20 dollars its made out of recycled paper and it prevents respitory disease and its way better and they cant eat it unlike CareFresh. If your guinea pigs are pooping that means that they are eating and drinking good luck with you and your guinea pigs.


Their probably just scared give them some time to get use to everything and leave them alone for a week or so and then start playing with them. guinea pigs are very skidish my aunt had like 10 and they like hiding get them a little house that they can go in to. they dont need to much people attention their usually not very active so dont worry to much maybe get some guinea pig books.


This is completely normal when you first take guinea pugs home. They usually eat if you leave the room or when you sleep.

Don't worry after a few days or week they will be comfortable enough to run about and eat. When your in the room.

My piggy did it it took about a week for him to run around while I was in the room