What would you do if someone stole your dog?

Just would like to know what people would do if someone stole your dog.

Whether it be for money or if someone thinks they are god and has deemed that you abuse your dog for whatever reason they have construed in their head. Eg. you use a prong collar, have your dog's ears cropped or tail docked = abuse in some people's minds.

I mean what would you do if someone actually went out of their way to remove or "mess up" a microchip your dog may have? I mean, you would have to harm the dog in some way to do that if you had no idea what you were doing and had to come on Y/A to ask - isn't that dog abuse?

So what would you do?


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I would prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

Other than that I cannot say on a public forum.


i would kill them but dont do it just call the cops


If I found them, I would be perfectly willing to do things that are both legal and illegal to make their lives a living hell.


I would make them die:)


i would probably go find him.


I don't have a dog.

If I did though, I would freak the f*ck out and panic. Then search for the dog, try to keep my head (and my nails, which I would keep chewing) and calm down... Then I would call the police. And when I found the guy... Oh, when I found him...


Being involved in our criminal justice system, the fullest extent of the law is very little. I have very little faith the person responsible would get suitable punishment.

In Canada, you are looking at a charge of Theft Under $5000. Dogs are property. For a sentence, the person may even get a conditional discharge (meaning that if they finish their probation with no further charges, they don't even get a record). At worst, probation unless they have a lengthly criminal record. Even still jail time would be minimal.

Fortunately for me, knowing our justice system means I also know many legal ways to make someone's life very miserable. And I would. After I got my dog back, of course.

I saw the question you are referring to but didn't read it. My guess is the person is simply a troll.


Sure great, just what I need a violation notice. Well the irony is that the vets know my dogs, so if someone did steal one, they would have to drive a great distance to get away with it. When ever someone finds a lost sheltie, every vet in town calls my house, even the ones I don't use to see if I lost a dog. My current vets take pictures of the dogs, so that helps too. The sad thing is no vet has ever checked one of my dogs to see if it is chipped, so regarding the woman who's question inspired yours, she would probably just have to pretend the stolen dog is hers, it isn't like the vet is going to check. I would just loose what little sanity I had left if someone stole my dogs.