How long do a chihuahua stay pregnant?

My puppy got pregnant at the end of march or beginning of april an di wanted to know how long do they stay pregnant? I hear 3 months and then, i heard 4months.


If she pregnant on March 31st, then today is day 50. There would be 13 days until her due date. If she got pregnant on March 24th, today would be day 57. If she got pregnant April 6th, today would be day 44.There is no guarantee she got pregnant, though. Dogs sometimes experience "false pregnancies" after they are bred. They have all the symptoms, but are not pregnant.

You MUST take her to a vet for an xray to determine the number of pups she will be having. Chi's often need c sections, and if you don't know how many pups to expect, there could be a stuck one, and you wouldn't even know. This would kill your dog. Also, because there is a 2+ week window, you won't know if your dog has gone overdue. If she goes overdue, her pups will die and rot inside her, which will also kill her if she doesn't get a quick c section.


2 months,59-62 weeks for the puppies to develop


9 weeks just slightly over 2 months.

My suggestion? GO TO A VET AND GET A BETTER IDEA OF HOW FAR ALONG SHE IS. You have anywhere from 1-3 weeks to go based on what you said.


Look up;

Dog Breeding-so you will know what you are doing.

Whelping-so you can be of help if she has any problems.

Raising puppies-so you will know how to care for the puppies.

That is a lot of reading, hope she isn't due for a while so you can learn what you need to.

She never should have been bred until you had educated yourself on what you are required to do.

Hope she is over 2 yr.s old.

Hope she don't need a C-section ($1,500 or so)

Have you had her to the Vet for an ultrasound so you will know when she is through whelping.

You really need a mentor to learn from.


Since a Chihuahua is a dog, they have the same gestation times as all dogs: an average of 62-65 days. Since you haven't a clue when your b**** was bred, you can only go by her physical signs. She should be seen by her vet to determine how many puppies she has inside and if any of them are too large. A too-large puppy can kill her before she even goes into labor.


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All breeds go 59 to 63 days from first tie.