How many times a day should i feed my goldfish?

How many times a day should i feed my goldfish?


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small amounts 2 to 3 times a day : )


Your question has been up before some weeks ago. Well, if your feeding your goldfish granules small pellets (the best ones to give) about four to five in the morning and similar at night is more than enough.

If you put too much into the bowl it won't be eaten so therefore will rot and contaminate the water. There are fish flakes called Tetra Fin, and Aquarium. Both alright but I prefer the granules for my solitary gold fish.

Do not be tempted to give your goldfish more than is necessary, it won't starve.

I've been looking after my little goldfish for over 15 years, when the

Nephew got it from the fair, and soon lost interest in it when he had to look after it. Of course I had other fish at the time, and in the years most have passed away with age.

Its important you change the water once a month for one fish, and if more than one, every two weeks.

And keep rigidly to this if you want them or it to have a long life. Have a second bowl of some kind to transfer the fish while you change the water to fresh water. It doesn't take long to do this. The Nephew was 14 when he got the fish, now he's 29 so I tell no lies. All the best to you.



Goldfish are very very hearty. I only feed mine once a day. They can even skip a day from time to time. A few flakes a day per are good for a few fish. One fish can eat a half flake a day and be fine.


2-3 small feedings a day is better than one large feeding a day. Try to keep it consistent though.


Usually 2 to 3 times a day........ I have an aquarium and a pond.


Few fish really benefit from multiple feedings per day, and the goldfish is no exception. Feed about one flake per day, crumbled slightly in your fingers. Larger goldfish can obviously eat slightly more, but it's still usually less than you think. Most of us overfeed our fish.

Try to get a flake food with some vegetable matter like kelp and spirulina to prevent constipation and provide nutrients (goldfish food is pretty crappy). Once a week you can offer a treat like a few brine shrimp or bloodworms, but once a week also either give it a fasting day or feed it only the insides of a cooked pea.


you have to feed them small amount of food through out the day. Goldfish do not have stomach and need to be feed more times a day. i have had goldfish for 5 years now and i feed mine 3 times a day.


Wow! Variety of answers. I would listen to the person that has had her/his nephew' s gold fish for 15 years, everyone else should shut up. That person apparently knows what' s up and how not to kill a gold fish, which by the way is dreadfully easy to do. So if you truly give a shit about your fish, listen to THAT ONE and nobody else.


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