My dog ate a bag of candy corn, what should i do?

She ate it when i accidentally fell asleep on the couch last night. She doesn't seem that bad, just some shaking and drinking a lot of water. Will it pass or should i take her to the vet?


My dog ate a bag of suckers filled with tootsie roll filling.She just digested it and she is perfectly fine.I wouldn't worry to much about just wait a week and see what happens,and if she doesn't look good after a day or 2 take her to the vet.Well is actually depends on what dog she is?My dog was a Dalmatian,so she was a big dog who could handle those problems on her own now is she is a small dog like a chihuahua then take her to the vet.

My sisters dog has eaten....Hersey's,Milky Way,3 Musketeers,And a whole lot more! He's right in front of me living.So ya she will live trust me! Don't get all stressed out over this. It's ok!

Nov 7 at 7:53

my dog ate a whole bag of oreos itll be fine

Nov 7 at 11:39

Yes take to the vet.

Shaking is bad sign that your got posioned

Nov 7 at 15:48

TAKE HER TO THE VET as others said candy is toxic to dogs

Nov 7 at 20:20

Take her to the VET right away! Sugar is very toxic to dogs, and she could get very sick or even die if not properly cared for.

Nov 8 at 1:15

I would take her to the vet to be on the safe side cause its not really good to give or by accident them candy well i don't think it is anyway

Nov 8 at 6:34

Absolutely take her to vet! Sugar is very very bad for dogs! Shaking is the really bad! Take to the vet right now! Hope this helps(:

Nov 8 at 12:15